General Settings
  • 01 Jun 2023
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General Settings

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Each location within your network has two general settings tabs.

General settings

This tab lets you control all the general settings in your account such as your location's details and time zone.

Name & logo

This section covers the basic details of your location.


Location name

This setting lets you edit your location's name. Changing your location's name will also update your Members Portal.


This field lets you know to which network your location is connected. You need to contact support to update this information.

Location reference

The unique number linked to each of your locations. You won't need this reference unless you plan on opening new locations within the same account.

Main Logo

The main logo is the logo used on your Members Portal.


Main Banner

The main banner is the image displayed on the About us page of your Members Portal, also known as Why [your location name].

The Main banner isn't the image displayed on your Members Portal home page.


You can change your home page banner by following our tutorial on Changing Your Members Portal Banner.

Contact & location details

This section lets you define you location's address and contact details.


Your location's details and contact information is displayed at the bottom of the Contact page on the Members Portal.


Location Map

This section lets you provide your space's exact address so that customers can see it on the map.


Make sure you add your space's exact coordinates instead of simply typing the address.

It is also used to define the location of your resources on the Map view of the Members Portal bookings calendar.



This section lets you define your location's timezone. All bookings made on the Admin Panel and the Members Portal rely on this time zone.


Updating your timezone automatically adjusts the start and end times of all bookings in your account.
The date and time format used on the Admin Panel and the Members Portal is always based on the user's browser settings.

Opening times

This tab lets you control your space's opening times. While this information isn't displayed anywhere on the Members Portal, we strongly encourage you to define your opening times for the most accurate reporting.


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