Passport by Nexudus
  • 05 Dec 2023
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Passport by Nexudus

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What Is Passport ?

Passport is a mobile app available on iOS and Android that your customers can download to access all the features of your Members Portal on the go.

Passport by Nexudus is currently on version 3.3.6.

How Passport Works

Any customer with access to your Members Portal can download the app and log in using their Members Portal credentials.

Using one of our SSO integrations?

Customers can also use their credentials from other platforms to log in to Passport app.

Once they're logged in, they can use the app to do everything they would normally do on the Members Portal such as:

  • Connect with other customers and the community

The directory shows details from other customers of your space. They can see profiles and directly message them.


  • Book resources

Customers can book any of the meeting rooms you've made available in your space via Passport. They just need to enter the date and time of the booking and the app shows them the resources available.


  • Purchase plans and products

Customers can sign up to new plans or purchase additional products. They also get an overview of the current plans and products they have on their account.


  • Edit their profile details

Customers can access their profile at any time by going to My section on the app and edit the different fields as they need.


  • Pay their invoices

Customers can pay their invoices directly through the app from the Invoices section.

You can tweak the sections available to customers via Settings > Companion apps on the Admin Panel.

Passport app Compatibility Chart

On top of these features, the Passport app and its white-label equivalent work alongside some of our integrations to streamline your customers experience.

Some of our access control integrations let your customers unlock doors either directly through the white-label version of Passport or automation tiles.

IntegrationPassport by NexudusWhite-label Passport
ACT365NOYES (via automation tiles) 
DoordeckNOYES (in-app or via automation tiles)
KisiNOYES (via automation tiles)
Salto KS​​​​​NO YES


What's the difference between the Passport app and the white-label Passport app?

The white-label Passport app lets you customize the app's branding to make it your own. White-label apps are also listed on both app stores under your space name. All Nexudus branding is effectively removed. On top of this, some additional features such as door unlocking through an integrated access control system is only available to white-label users.

For more information, check out White-label Passport by Nexudus.

Can I customize Passport without getting the white-label version?

You can change enable/disable specific sections of the app in all versions of Passport. You can also edit the main colors used on the app.

For more information, check out Passport Settings.

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