• 14 Sep 2023
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Nexudus offers three PayPal payment options. The table below is designed to help you pick the most suitable option.

FeaturePaypalPaypal StandardPaypal Commerce Platform
Paypal account neededPaypal ProAny Paypal accountPaypal Commerce Platform
Country availabilityAvailable in most regions. For more information, check out Paypal's country availability list.
Customers need a Paypal accountNoYesNo
One-off payments in NexudusYesYesYes
Automated payments in NexudusYesNoYes
Automated refunds in NexudusYesNoYes

Paypal Adaptive is not available for new integrations.

This payment option is no longer supported and only available to customers who already use this legacy payment method. Paypal offers some support for this legacy payment method.

For more information, check out:

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