Product Settings
  • 23 Mar 2023
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Product Settings

Article Summary

All products in your inventory include mutiple tabs that let you control the product's details, benefits, availability, and any connected integrations.

Product Details

This tab lets you control basic information about each of your products.


Products details

This section lets you define the basic details of the product such as its:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price per unit
  • Can the product be prorated if you add it to a plan, contract, or proposal.

Portal and app

This section lets you control the display and visibility of the product on the Members Portal.

You can add an image and a category for the product. You can also control the visibility of the product on the Members Portal through the Display this product on the website and the App toggle.

Purchase links

This section provides links that you can share with customers to invite them to purchase the product.

The When using merged invoicing, always invoice the customer purchasing this product rather than their team paying member toggle lets you bypass merged invoicing for this product.

Enabling this toggle means that the product will never be invoiced through merged invoicing.


This tab lets you add money, time and printing credits along with passes to the product. For more information, check out Adding Benefits to Products.



This tab lets you define the product's availability to customers and how often it can be purchased. It also lets you manage stock for the product.



This tab lets you transfer the product to Square ePOS account and sell it through Square.


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