Resource Categories
  • 07 Sep 2023
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Resource Categories

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What are Resource Categories?

All the resources in your inventory should ideally also have a resource category. Resource categories help you filter your resources on the Members Portal.


They also let your customers browse through your available resourcees more easily.


Resource categories are always ordered alphabetically on the Admin Panel and the Members Portal.

How Resource Categories Work

You add resource categories by simply adding to the Category field of any new or existing resource in your inventory.


Once you've defined a category name for a resource, it automatically becomes an option that you can select for any other resource.

Resource categories cannot include special characters such as %, &, or @.


To delete a resource category, you just need to remove the category from all the linked resources.

For example, if DVI Room and HDMI Room have 'Multimedia Room' defined as their category, assigning another category or leave the field blank in both the DVI Room and the HDMI Room records will automatically remove the 'Multimedia Room' category.

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