Salto KS
  • 31 May 2022
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Salto KS

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What is Salto KS?

Salto KS is an access control system. This integration lets your customers access your space and unlock doors autonomously using access cards or their phone based on their purchases in Nexudus.


How the Salto KS Integration Works

You first create access groups in Salto KS for each pass, resource, desk, and office you have set up in your Nexudus account. You can then enable the integration in Nexudus and connect the access groups to the corresponding Nexudus items.

Once the integration is enabled in Nexudus, your customers can start unlocking doors using the Salto KS app, the white-label Passport app or Salto KS tags. The doors they can unlock are defined by the access groups they've been added to based on their purchases, bookings, and contracts.

For more information, check out Integrating Salto KS.


Can I use any version of the Passport app to unlock Salto KS doors?

While all customers can unlock doors using the Salto KS app or Salto KS tags, door unlocking through Passport is only available to customers using a white-labeled version of the app. For more information, check out White-label Passport by Nexudus and Using the White-label Passport App with Salto KS.

Do I have to connect all my resources, passes, desks, and offices to Salto KS?

No, you can connect any number of Nexudus items to Salto KS.