Using the White-label Passport App with Salto KS
  • 17 Jun 2022
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Using the White-label Passport App with Salto KS

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This feature is only available if you use the white-label version of the Passport app or if you started using the standard Passport app before July 1st 2020.

You can use your space's white-label Passport app to open Salto KS doors. When you first receive passes, book a resource or get an assigned office or desk that's linked to a Salto KS access group, Salto KS sends you a welcome email with a link to register.


Tap or click on the link to get started and then fill out the form to register with Salto KS.


You also need to allow Nexudus to access your account by selecting Yes, allow.


Once you have your Salto KS, you need to connect it to the white-label Passport app.

  1. Open your white-label Passport app.

  2. Tap the three dots icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. Tap on My Activity > Integrations.


  1. Tap on Connect.


You are redirected to the Salto KS login page.

  1. Log in using the email and password you defined when registering with Salto KS.

You should now see a confirmation at the top of the screen and the Salto KS section should now display a Disconnect button.


Your Salto account is now connected to your phone. New passes, bookings and contracts automatically update your level of access. You won't need to go through this process again unless you tap on the Disconnect button or you receive another email from Salto KS.

If you go back to the app's home screen, you can now also see an Unlock door tile.


To unlock doors, simply make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and tap the tile.


Doors should automatically open as you hold your phone by the locks.

You cannot remotely open Salto doors through the app.

We use Bluetooth to unlock Salto doors which doesn't work if you aren't physically in the space.

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