Service Limits
  • 25 Aug 2022
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Service Limits

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This page outlines all relevant feature limitations when using the Nexudus platform.

Platform Limits

Nexudus Item Limit
Customers per location 50,000
Active contracts per customer 25
Newsletter subscribers per location 100,000
Newsletter subscribers per group 1,000
Newsletter subscribers per newsletter sent 1,000
Passes per customer 500
Bookings per repeat series 150
Members per team 250
Template and Custom File Storage 500 Mb
Locations per network Unlimited
Networks Unlimited
Network hierarchy depth 4
Resources 500
Rates per resource 25
Plans Unlimited
Products Unlimited
Passes Unlimited

API Throttling Limits

API Request Limit
PUT, POST, DELETE 60 requests/minute or 2500 requests/day
GET 10 request/100 ms
You can ask to increase your request limit by reaching out to

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