Suspending Customers
  • 07 Sep 2023
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Suspending Customers

Article Summary

Automated vs Manual Suspension

You can suspend customers manually or automatically through settings and CRM boards.

Automated suspension

Customers are automatically suspended if:

  • You enable the Keep new member accounts suspended toggle upon signing up that customer
  • They're added as opportunities to a CRM board stage that has Deactivate Account as its trigger
  • They sign up to a plan that has the Suspend customers joining this plan toggle enabled under the Limits tab.

Manual suspension

Suspended customers can only use the Members Portal to pay their invoices until they are unsuspended.

Customer suspension doesn't revoke Members Portal access.

Suspended customers can only use the Members Portal to pay their invoices until they are unsuspended, but they will keep the right to access it, unless you also revoke their Members Portal access.

You can easily suspend customers manually or automatically on the Admin Panel.

Suspended customers also are:

  • No longer considered active users in Nexudus
  • Not invoiced automatically for their active contracts
You'll need to manually lift the suspension for customers to regain full access to your Members Portal.

This applies to customers you suspend on the Admin Panel and customers who are automatically suspended because of due invoices, even if they pay their invoices.

Suspending customers

You can manually suspend any active customer from the Admin Panel.

Suspending a member with one or more active contracts?

We always recommend cancelling the customer's contracts before suspending them. This ensures they're not charged for all missed billing cycles if you unsuspend them.

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Tick the checkbox next to every customer you want to suspend.

  3. Click Suspend account in the Bulk actions menu.

  4. Click Continue to confirm your action.

You successfully suspended the selected customers. Next time they log in to the Members Portal they'll see that they are suspended via a banner at the top of the page.