Troubleshooting - Salto KS
  • 01 Sep 2022
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Troubleshooting - Salto KS

Article Summary

{"ErrorCode":"1500","Message":"User does not have permission for this operation on this user."}

What it means

This error pops up when:

  • The Salto KS admin account you used to enable the integration is no longer an admin user in Salto.
  • You tried to update the Salto KS tag of a customer and the tag you're trying to add is associated with the wrong site in Salto KS.

How to fix it

To solve the issue, log in to your Salto KS account and make sure you are an admin. If you are an admin, you need to check the site associated to the customer's Salto KS tag and see if it matches their location in Nexudus.

If the site and location don't match, you need to remove the tag from the wrong site and add it again in the correct Salto KS site. Once you've completed this step, you can add the tag to the customer's record again.

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