Invoice Refunds
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Invoice Refunds

Article summary

What are Refunds?

Refunds essentially return the funds sent by a customer via a payment gateways. Refunds are useful when customers are overcharged and they want to get their money back instead of getting a credit note.

You can partially or fully refund any paid invoice. Refunds are processed differently based on the payment method used to pay for the invoice.

How Customers Are Refunded

Customers are automatically refunded via that payment gateway they used to pay for the invoice.

For example, a customer who paid an invoice using Paypal will be refunded via Paypal.

If you manually processed an invoice payment using a method that isn't one of the integrated payment gateways, you'll need to select a manual payment method to issue the refund in Nexudus and send the refund payment outside of Nexudus.

For example, if a customer paid via check, you should select Check as the refund payment method and send the funds back to the customer outside of Nexudus via check.

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