Email Queue
  • 22 May 2023
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Email Queue

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What Is the Email Queue?

The email queue is simply a log of all the email notifications sent to users from each of your locations. Each email notification in the queue can be accessed by admins and the Status column lets you know whether or not users received notifications.

How the Email Queue Works

You can access the email queue via Settings > Email queue. This list has three columns displaying Subject, Sent on date, and Status.

All email notifications in the queue have one of three statuses:

The email notification is being sent to the user. This can take a few seconds up to several minutes any notifications your space sends and servers speed.

The email notification was delivered to the user's inbox.

The email notification couldn't be delivered to the user's inbox.

You can easily filter the email queue by:

  • Notification subject
  • User email
  • Sent notifications that are queued
  • Delivered notifications
  • Original notification send dates and times
  • Notification last send dates and times (for notifications that were sent again)



Can I prioritize notifications in my email queue?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit the prioritization of your email queue. If you have urgent email notifications, you can always instantly send up to 5 of them at a time.

How is the email queue organized?

The email queue displays the latest email notifications sent by default. If you're looking for a notification sent to a specific customer you can filter the email queue by email.

Can I know if a customer opened their email notifications?

No, you can only know if the notification was delivered, rejected or is still pending.

Why are email notifications rejected?

Email notifications are usually rejected when the customer email doesn't exist or their inbox is full. You can find the exact reason why your email notification couldn't be delivered by clicking on the notification itself.

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