• 10 Jan 2023
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What are Perks?

Perks let you offer discounts, free trials or items, and benefits to your customers in partnership with other businesses.

For example, offering 50% off a car rental service or a free hot drink at a nearby cafe.


Perks can be any type of discount, trial, or benefit that you negociated with another business. They're a great way to promote local businesses and build community.

Perks are also a nifty customer retention tool — who doesn't love a good discount on brands that they like or services that they need.

How Perks Work

You first need to reach an agreement with another business. It can be as easy as getting a referral link or discount code from a small business close to your space. You can also negociate with a larger businesses to offer some perks long term.

All perks need a valid URL. This URL can be a referral link or simply a link to any active website page.

For example, if a local business gave you a discount code without any referral link, you can simply add their website's URL to your perk.

Once you have that URL and an idea of how you want to offer the perk to customers, all you need to do is create the perk on the Admin Panel. As soon as you publish the perk, your customers can access it on the Members Portal and click on the Claim button to redeem the perk.

For more information, check out Managing Perks

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