Reminders Settings
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Reminders Settings

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All new and existing reminders have an array of settings divided into tabs that let you manage your reminders.


This tab lets you manage all the reminder's details, including its trigger and delivery method.


Location from which we send the reminder to the relevant customers, based on your settings under the Customers tab.

Send to all locations within [your location name]

This toggle lets you send the reminder to all relevant customers in any child location if you select a network location as the reminder's Location.

Reminder name

Name of the reminder. Only admins can see this name.

When to trigger this reminder

This setting lets you select which customer action should trigger the reminder. You can currently choose from the following triggers:

  • After a booking (for all resources or only a select few)
  • After purchasing a product
  • After submitting the sign-up form
  • After the first check-in
  • Days after a contract starts
  • Days after invoice is due
  • Days after last activity
  • Days after renewal
  • Days after sign-up
  • Days after uncollected delivery
  • Days before cancellation
  • Days before contract starts
  • Days before contract terms ends
  • Days before renewal
  • First invoice is paid
  • Fixed date
  • On the customer's birthday
  • When a customer booked once but not again in the last month
  • When a regular booker stops booking (more than 10 bookings but none in the last 6 months)
  • When customer books regularly (more than 4 bookings in the last 4 weeks, at least one in the last 7 days)
  • When customer has booked more than 10 bookings in the last 6 months but none in the last month

Blocking Period

You can define a blocking period for any number in days, hours or minutes to avoid sending the same reminder to a customer too many times.

For example, you send a survey to customers after their bookings to get feedback on their experience, but you don't want to send it more than once a week to the same customer.

How to deliver this reminder

You choose one of the following content options for reminders:

Send a message macro with your own content

The message macro option pulls the selected macro's content and send it to the relevant customer via email when the reminder is triggered.

Send a survey

The survey option pulls one of your surveys and sends it to the relevant customers via email when the reminder is triggered.

Send alert from Nexudus

The Nexudus alert option automatically sends a message that include reminder's name and the user's details via email.

Don't use this reminder for customers as it won't contain any actionable information for them.

This delivery option is best suited for internal reminders that are only sent to a specific email address defined in the reminder's Audience tab.



This tab lets you control which customers should trigger the notification. You can choose from the following options:

  • Disable reminder
  • All members
  • All contacts
  • All customers
  • All customers in specific plans
  • A single customer
  • Only team paying customers

You can also choose to exclude any suspended customer by enabling the Only send to active customers toggle.


This tab lets you control which email address should receive the reminder.

Send to the customer's email address

This option automatically sends the reminder to any customer included in the subset you defined in the Customers tab.

For example, if you send a reminder after bookings end for all members, any member who books a resource will receive the reminder via email shortly after their booking ends.

Send to specific email address

This option automatically sends the reminder to the email address you add to the field when the trigger is recorded in Nexudus.

For example, you defined a reminder after bookings end for all customers and added the cleaning team's email so that they receive the reminder via this email shortly after customer bookings end.

This option is best suited for admin reminders.

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