• 10 Jan 2024
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What Are Surveys?

Surveys are designed to help you collect and use customer feedback. You define a set of questions and send them to a set of customers via email to collect their answers. Using surveys helps you gather insight and develop business strategies based on customer feedback.

For example, you can survey members every three months to check if they are happy with their current plan and identify areas of improvement in your space.

How Surveys Work

You first create a survey structure. Once you have that structure, you can add your qualitative or quantitative questions based on the feedback you're trying to get from customers. Surveys can then be sent straight away or automated and sent on a regular basis.

You can send your surveys to:

  • All customers
  • All contacts
  • All members
  • All members signed up to specific plans

Survey Questions Type


Customers answer the question by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the relevant date from the pop-up calendar.



Customers answer the question by uploading any type of file under 5MB.


Make sure you specify the file format in the question if you expect a specific one.

For example, if you only want PDF files, add that specification in the question's description.

Long text

Customers answer the question by adding one or multiple paragraphs. This type doesn't have a character limit.


Options menu

Customers answer the question by selecting one of the options you've defined.


You add options by typing a possible answer and pressing Enter before adding the next one. You can also let them select multiple answers by ticking Let users select more than one option.



Customers answer the question by adding a single line of text. This type doesn't have a character limit.



Customers answer the question by selecting YES or NO from a drop-down list.



What's the difference between qualitative and quantitative questions?

Simply put, quantitative questions help you measure something while qualitative questions are designed to understand the reasoning behind something.

How would you rate your current membership on a scale from 1 to 10? is quantitative because it prompts a rating to help you measure overall customer satisfaction.

'How could we improve your experience as a member?' is qualitative because it prompts feedback that you can cross-reference to find similarities.

Can I publish surveys on the Members Portal?

No, surveys can only be sent to customers via email. However, you can automate when customers receive your surveys and have them sent to customers on a regular basis.

For more information, check out Sending Surveys.

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