Upgrading to the Latest Version of the Members Portal
  • 17 May 2024
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Upgrading to the Latest Version of the Members Portal

Article summary

Version 4 is the latest version of the Members Portal that was released on April 22, 2021.

This new release of the Portal includes loads of exciting updates such as:

  • Faster navigation between pages and shorter loading times
  • Revamped dashboards for members and teams
  • A brand new Courses section to offer training and learning courses to your customers
  • A new shopping and check-out experience that simplify joining plans, making bookings, and buying product
  • A new Google calendar integration that allow customers to visualize and make bookings from their own calendar

How to Upgrade to Version 4

The way you upgrade to version 4 depends on the level of customization you have on your current Members Portal.

What's considered customization?

Customization includes any changes to the code of your Members Portal's template files. If you only changed the look of your Members Portal through the Settings > Website page on the Admin Panel, your portal isn't customized.

Upgrading if your Members Portal is not customized

Your Members Portal was automatically upgraded to version 4 on June 1, 2021 with no further action required on your side.

Upgrading if your Members Portal is customized

Your Members Portal will remain on the current version until manually upgrade to version 4. We provide you with a preview of your Members Portal in version 4 called Preview Version v.4. You can find this preview under Settings > Web template editor on the Admin Panel.


You can select the preview and see what your Members Portal looks like in version 4 by clicking on the Open Portal button.


You can then customize this preview version any way you need to match your previous customization.

Version 4 won't include any customization you had in previous versions of your Members Portal by default.

You can customize version 4 using our articles on customizing version 4 of the Members Portal.

Customization of your template files requires web development experience.

Need help finding a developer?
Check out our IT & Web Design consultants directory.  

Once you are happy with the way your preview looks, you can easily make it your official Members Portal version by clicking on the Move to production button.


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