Recommended Image Dimensions for the User Portal
  • 26 Oct 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Recommended Image Dimensions for the User Portal

This article details the recommended dimensions for every image you can upload to your User Portal.

General Image Rules

Maximum File Size

All your files must be under 5MB.

Valid Image Formats

Your images can be uploaded in PNG or JPG/JPEG format.

Images with Text

Images are automatically resized based on the device you use. If you want to use images that contain text, you should reduce the image and center it against a background that matches the recommended dimensions.


This background acts as a buffer when the image is resized and prevents text cropping on smaller devices such as laptops and phones.


You may need to adjust the size and placement of the image a couple times for optimal display.

We generally don't recommend using images with text.

Adding a background and centering the image may pixelate your text based on the final image resolution. Your image will also include the chosen background on larger screens.

All the dimensions listed below are in pixels and width by height (w x h).

Image Recommended dimensions in pixels, width by height
About Us Page 1200x540
Articles Large 1500x1125
Articles Small 250x250
Courses Large & Small 320x380
Users Cover Page 1200x300
Users Profile 400x400
FAQ Article Large 1000x1000
FAQ Article Small 100x100
Floor Plan 1920x1080
Home Page Banner 1500x750
Home Page Logo 500x200
Perks & Discounts Large 1000x1000
Perks&Discounts Small 200x200
Add-ons Image 700x400
Resource Image 700x480
Team Image (1-3) At least 340x340
Team Logo 400x400