Managing Your Nexudus Subscription
  • 03 May 2022
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Managing Your Nexudus Subscription

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Nexudus lets you manage a few aspects of your subscription from the Admin Panel. You can access your account details by clicking on the cog icon in the navigation menu and then clicking on General Settings.


Adding a Payment Method

You can pay for your Nexudus subscription by direct debit or card payment. This tutorial teaches you how to set up both payment methods.

Downloading Your Nexudus Invoices

Nexudus generates an invoice for your subscription on a monthly basis. This tutorial teaches you how to download your invoices in PDF.

Booking Training Calls

You can book free and paid training calls with one of our support experts via the Admin Panel. This tutorial teaches you how to book different training calls.

Admin Notifications

You can manage the notifications you receive from Nexudus through the Notifications tab in your user account.