Your Nexudus Subscription Settings
  • 31 Oct 2022
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Your Nexudus Subscription Settings

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Your Nexudus subscription page lets you check your current location's subscription details. It also lets you manage the payment method used to pay your Nexudus subscription and the invoices you receive from Nexudus.

Your plan & add-ons

This tab lets you see your current subscription details.


You cannot edit any of the details on this tab.

If you want to switch to a different plan, support tier or request a trial extension, get in touch with us at

Payment details

This tab lets you manage the payment method you want to use to pay your Nexudus invoices. You can choose between credit/debit card payment or direct debit through GoCardless.


For more information, check out Adding a Payment Method.

Implementation files

This tab lets you upload files that you'd like to share with Nexudus.


This can include basic settings files or any other type of document you'd like to share with us.

Your invoices

This tab lets you access all the invoices issued by Nexudus for your location.


You can easily download any of your invoices in PDF by clicking on the three dots icon and then on Download PDF.


Can't see your Nexudus invoices?

You probably don't receive Nexudus subscription invoice notifications. You can easily enable this toggle in your notifications preferences to see and download your invoices.

Simply go to Settings > Users on the Admin Panel, click on your user and then Notifications. Enable the Nexudus subscription invoices toggle and save your changes.


Make sure you log out and log back in once you've saved your changes.

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