Payment Methods
  • 31 May 2023
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Payment Methods

Article Summary

What are Payment Methods?

Payment methods are integrations with payment providers that let you process and automate customer payments. You can enable one or more payment methods via Settings > Payments and currency > Payment methods on the Admin Panel.

Nexudus offers integrations with over 100 payment providers. Your business location determines which payment methods are available to you and your customers. Available Payment Gateways by Country lists the providers you can enable for your space based on where your location.

Payment Method Types

All the available payment methods fall into two main types: credit/debit card payments or direct debit.

Credit/debit card payments let your customers pay for their invoices almost instantly using one of their cards.

Direct debit payments let your customers pay their invoices by transferring funds directly from their bank account to yours. This payments method usually takes between 3 and 12 business days, depending on where you are located.

How Payment Methods Work

You enable one or more payment methods on the Admin Panel. Once the payment gateway is enabled, customers will be able to pay for their purchases using one of the enabled payment gateways.

You need to open an account with the payment providers you want to use before enabling the integration on the Admin Panel.
You can enable one direct debit and one card payment gateway per location.

You can also combine one direct debit option and multiple credit/debit payment options.

Not sure about the difference between direct debit and card payment gateways?
Check out our article on Understanding the Difference Between Direct Debit and Card Payment Gateways.


Can I use the same account in multiple locations?

Yes, you can use a single account and connect it to the relevant payment method in multiple locations. You can also choose to use a different account per location.
For example, you can use a single Stripe account to enable Stripe Payment Intents in each of your location or use a separate Stripe account for each of them.

How can I make sure the payment method I want to use is supported?

You can check out our list of Available Payment Methods by Country. If you are located in a country that mandates Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), check out our guide on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

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