Passport Settings
  • 17 Nov 2022
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Passport Settings

Article Summary

You can easily tweak Passport's settings to control what users can do and access on the app. To access Passport settings click Settings > Companion apps > Passport on the Admin Panel.

You can apply different Passport settings for each of your locations.

General Settings

Display home sections verticallyDisplays the home page sections as a list you can scroll vertically instead of the default horizontal display.
Enable the articles sectionLets users access your published articles from the app. If you enabled article comments, they'll also be able to comment directly on the app.
Enable the Discussion boards (Feed) sectionLets users see and contribute to discussion boards on the app.
Enable the directory sectionLets users access the directory on the app, as they would on the Members Portal.
Enable the bookings and floor plans sectionsLets users access and book resources directly on the app.
Enable the my account sectionLets users access and edit their account settings on the app.
Enable locations servicesLets users use geofenced automation tiles, provided they allow the Passport app to access their device's location.
Enable the private messages sectionLets users access and send private messages on the app.
Enable the help-desk sectionLets users send and track their help desk requests on the app.


The standard Passport app also has settings to let you customize the colors used on the app. Nexudus uses the main color of the logo defined in your location by default, but you can define any other color. As with any other Passport settings, you can choose different colors for each of your location.

Primary Color

The primary color is used as the background color for selected or highlighted menu options.

Secondary Color

The secondary color is used as the font color on elements using the primary color as their background.

Your primary and secondary color must be contrasted enough for optimal display.

For example, if your primary color is red and you secondary color is brown, you need to pick shades that offer enough contrast to be legible.

Tertiary Color

The tertiary color is used as the font color for unselected menu options and elements. It's also used as the app's general font color.

Access Control

If you use your own access control system, you can add a custom page on the Passport app to let your users unlock doors using the app.

In order to use this feature you need to define a shared secret within your access control system and then add it to the corresponding field on the Admin Panel.

Push Notifications

We don't recommend editing any of the push notifications settings.

App Download URL

This section provides the download URLs for iOS and Android. You can include these URLs in any of your marketing material or website.

Automation Tiles

We don't recommend editing any of the Automation tiles settings.

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