Support Tiers FAQ
  • 23 Feb 2023
  • 1 Minute to read

Support Tiers FAQ

Do support tiers include training calls?

No, support tiers currently don't include any training calls.

You can book two free onboarding calls, regardless of the support tier you've selected, when you first join Nexudus.

You can also book individual training calls for £/undefined/€300.

How can I know which support tier I have?

You can find out which support tier you currently have by clicking Settings > Your Nexudus subscription on the Admin Panel.

Support tiers are individually defined in each of your locations.


Can I change my support tier from the Admin Panel?

No, you need tocontact support to change your support tier.

The Support tier drop-down list you can find by clicking Settings > Your Nexudus subscription on the Admin Panel helps you understand the features available in each tier.

How do I upgrade to the Plus tier?

All you need to do is get in touch with us at and let us know when you'd like us to upgrade you to the Plus tier

Our support team will set up the upgrade in your account accordingly and introduce you to your dedicated support agent.

Can I go back to the Standard tier once I've updgraded to the Plus tier?

Yes, just contact support and let us know when you'd like to switch back to the Standard tier.

We'll get back to you to confirm your request and let know when your Plus tier membership will end.

What is the Enterprise tier?

The Enterprise tier is a premium support tier that we will release in the coming months.

It will include all the perks of the Plus tier with some additional features such as:

  • Full access to a wide array of self-learning training courses
  • Review sessions with one of our support managers every three months