• 23 Jun 2021
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The CRM section of the Admin Panel lets you manage your communications with existing and prospective customers.

You can manage the following features from this section:

CRM Boards

Manage your opportunities and automate processes in your space with CRM boards.


Send your customers reminders when they meet certain conditions in Nexudus and automate parts of your customer communications.


Send your customers a summary of what a membership with your space can look like and have them sign their new contracts online.

Document Templates

Create document templates with dynamic fields and simplify generating documents in your space.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your Members Portal forms and gather specific information that's relevant to your space.

Message Macros

Build a selection of canned response that you can use as templates in messages you send your customers.


Create tasks and task lists to standardize some admin processes in your space.

Email Accounts

Manage email conversations between your space and members directly through the Admin Panel.

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