6. Customizing Your Members Portal & Apps
  • 31 Aug 2023
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6. Customizing Your Members Portal & Apps

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Nexudus is a white-label platform that lets you customize your Members Portal and apps. Depending on your resources and the amount of customization you want to implement, the process will vary. We also developed a bunch of companion apps designed to simplify your operations.

Members Portal

You can customize your Members Portal in two different ways.

Basic Customization

Basic customization includes changes to the design and display of your portal that you can action through your Settings or using one of our tutorials. Basic customization can be carried out by any admin with permissions to edit your space's settings and doesn't require any web development experience.

Some elements you can easily customize include:

You also want to make sure you go over all the settings related to your Members Portal.

The Sign-up and Social log-in settings let you control who can sign up to your space through the Members Portal and whether or not they can do so using their Google or Facebook account.


The Features settings let you control which pages are displayed on your Members Portal.


Clicking on the More settings button in each section will take you to the relevant additional settings.

We recommend you go over the entire Website and Modules section to cover most portal elements you can customize.

Basic customization has its limitations, which is why Nexudus also offers advanced customization options.

Advanced Customization

Advanced customization encompasses most edits made to your Web template files, such as:

  • Adding new sections to an existing page on your Members Portal
  • Adding new pages to your Members Portal
  • Hiding some sections or pages of your Members Portal
  • Drastically changing the design of your Members Portal

In order to carry out advanced customization, you need a working knowledge of the following programming languages:

  • JSON
  • React

Need help finding a developer?
Check out our IT & Web Design consultants directory.  

For more information, check out Advanced Customization of Version 3 & 4 of the Members Portal.


Nexudus also offers an array of free companion apps designed to simplify how you manage your space.

All the apps developed by Nexudus have their own settings tab that you can find under Settings > Companion apps on the Admin Panel. Each app's settings let you edit some of the app's details such as the primary color used, or which sections should be available to customers.

For more information, check out Apps.

White-label Passport App

You can also choose to upgrade to the white-label version of our Passport app. Some of the benefits of the white-labeled app include:

  • Custom app branding

The white-label app removes all Nexudus branding from the app, making it seem like your own. You can name the app after your space, control the color scheme, and the images used on the app.

  • Door unlocking features

In addition to the branding customization, the white-label Passport app will also let your customers unlock doors using the app if your space uses Brivo, Doordeck or Salto KS as an integrated access control system.

For more information, check out White-label Passport by Nexudus.

Once you've covered all the customization you want to implement, you can move to the next step - 7. Working with Integrations.

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