Nexudus Apps
  • 22 Aug 2023
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Nexudus Apps

Article Summary

Nexudus developed multiple apps to help you manage day-to-day operations in your space using a single tool.

Nexboard logo NexClicker iconNexDelivery icon




Display room availability and let customers book using tablets.Let admins keep track of people in your space at all times.Process customer deliveries in a flash using any mobile device.
Nexevents logo NexIO iconNexKiosk icon




Check customers in and out of events using a tablet as your event checkpoint.Let customers and visitors check in and out autonomously using a tablet as your checkpoint.Turn any tablet into a point of sales, process card payments, and charge customers.

Nexboard logo White-label Passport icon

Passport by Nexudus

White-label Passport app

Let your customers manage manage their account including their bookings, invoicing, and more from their phone.Let your customers manage their account and unlock doors from their phone using an app branded as yours.

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