Understanding Members Portal Customization
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Understanding Members Portal Customization

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Nexudus provides a fully white-label Members Portal for every location in your Nexudus account. Each Members Portal can be customized and edited at any point from the Settings section or via Settings > Web template editor on the Admin Panel.

There are two levels of Members Portal customization: basic and advanced.

Basic Customization

Basic customization essentially lets you make the Members Portal your own through settings available on the Admin Panel or preset code snippets. This customization level is accessible to anyone who is a full unrestricted admin or an admin with the relevant permissions. It doesn't require any specific technical or programming knowledge.

Basic customization includes all the settings you can change and tweak from the Settings section on the Admin Panel.

Advanced Customization

Advanced customization essentially lets you edit your Members Portal code to change displayed elements, create new custom pages, or even hide existing sections of the portal.

This customization level is only accessible to anyone with an admin account but requires a solid understanding of several programming languages. You can access the Members Portal code via Settings > Web template editor on the Admin Panel.

We recommend you hire developers or staff with extensive web development experience to carry out advanced customization.

You can find a list of Nexudus consultants specialized in web development on our website.

For more information on the technical requirements for advanced customization, check out the following articles:

Don't know which version of the Members Portal you use?

Check out our article on Finding your Members Portal Version.

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